Ophthalmologist (FMH) – Specialist in aesthetic eye surgery

The Dr. Dr. David Schapiro, ophthalmologist, French, Swiss FMH title, specialist in aesthetic eye surgery.

Dr. David Schapiro

Specialized in Eye Aesthetics
Specialized in eyelid pathologies
Specialized in the treatment of watery eyes and dry eyes

Languages spoken


  • Ophthalmic surgeon
  • Member of the French Society of Ophthalmology
  • Former intern at Paris Hospitals
  • Former Senior Practitioner at the Fondation ROTHSCHILD
  • Diploma in Eyelid, Orbit and Lacrimal Tract Surgery


About us

Dr. David Schapiro is a renowned French specialist in surgery of the orbit, eyelids and lacrimal ducts. His practice includes complex procedures such as reconstruction following tumor, malformative or traumatic pathologies, as well as lighter procedures such as aesthetic eye surgery. As an ophthalmologist, his priority is eye protection. His exclusive specialization in eyelid surgery is much appreciated by his patients. He has been coming to the Onex eye clinic for over 15 years to treat difficult cases, and actively contributes to scientific research in his field.

His expertise in tumours, malformations or trauma pathologies, which he reconstructs through heavy surgery, combined with his training as an ophthalmologist, mean that he can specialise exclusively in aesthetic eye surgery and injections. He regularly travels to many countries to intervene in difficult cases that his colleagues cannot or do not know how to handle.

Dr. David Schapiro

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