Why mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy or Mesolift is the basic treatment of all anti-aging therapies. Mesotherapy, also known as poly-vitamin injections, is a fast, effective aesthetic medicine treatment that involves injecting non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid, vitamins and essential minerals into your skin. Mesotherapy microinjections stimulate skin elasticity, improving hydration and evening out skin tone.

Mesotherapy is effective not only for the face, back of the hand, neck and décolleté (mesolift technique), but also for the hair: capillary mesotherapy.

It is generally advisable to carry out a minimum of 3 consecutive sessions, with an interval of 2 to 3 weeks. A maintenance session every three months is also recommended to prolong the effectiveness of the treatment.

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Duration of treatment

30 minutes

Resuming physical activities

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Treatment costs

From CHF 250.00


12 months

Our partners

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Teoxane is based in Switzerland and specializes in hyaluronic acid fillers. Their products are designed to smooth wrinkles, restore facial volume and improve skin hydration.

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Croma, a brand dedicated to creation and innovation in the field of beauty. Recognized for its significant contribution to modern aesthetics, Croma is committed to providing high-quality products and solutions that inspire beauty professionals.

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