Laser specialist and qualified medical practice assistant

Katerina Schofield obtained her federally-recognized medical assistant diploma in 2005. Having worked in several medical specialties including pediatrics, general medicine, gynecology and oncology, her background is diverse.

Revlite Lasertoning
Microneedling RF
Laser hair removal

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  • Graduate medical assistant, MLA
  • Laser medical assistant, in charge of laser protection

PLACE: Zürich

About us

I've been working enthusiastically in the world of aesthetics for almost a decade, and it's fascinating to see how laser medicine is continually evolving. In this dynamic specialty, there are always new treatment methods and offerings that expand the possibilities for improving skin health and beauty.

The rapid development of laser medicine enables me to offer my patients innovative and effective solutions. Thanks to ongoing training, I always keep abreast of the latest technological advances to achieve the best results for my customers. The versatility of laser applications opens up exciting avenues for skin rejuvenation, hair removal, scar reduction and much more.

Team ono estetika Zürich

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