Specialist in dermatology and venereology

Dr. Angeliki Karakoli is a dermatologist. She has been working in Zurich for three years and has around 10 years’ experience as a dermatologist.


PRP therapy
Chemical peeling
Wrinkle smoothing treatments
Aesthetic body shaping
Cellulite and laser treatments



  • 2015: Specialist training in dermatology and venereology

Location: Zurich
Experience: 10 years
Active since: 2015


She specializes in aesthetic beauty treatments as well as classic dermatology. She also deals with alternative medicine and lifestyle blood tests, as well as food allergies and intolerances.

At ono estetika, she provides anti-aging consultations and offers several treatments such as medical mesotherapy, medical chemical peeling, PRP therapy, wrinkle smoothing injections, hyaluronic fillers, hair loss therapy, pigmentation therapy, scar therapy, laser therapy, wrinkle treatment, skin aging, dark circles under the eyes, aesthetic body shaping, age spots, fat-away tip, removal of benign skin lesions by laser.

A natural result is her most important goal.
She advises both women and men. Her favorite treatments are medical chemical peeling, medical mesotherapy and stem cell therapy.
A natural and symmetrical face is important to them. She doesn't like changing people's natural facial features. These treatments deliver wonderful results.

At ono estetika, we try to counteract the ageing process with anti-ageing treatments. With these treatments, the effect lasts for months and can be followed by a Botox or hyaluronic filler treatment in individual areas.
Her many years of experience combined with regular further training in the field of aesthetic medicine have led her to these treatment methods.

A natural and healthy result is important to them.


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