Lymphactiv Facial
Iräye x ono estetika

Discover the Lymphactiv Facial ono estetika x Iräye with Iräye's patented Lymphactic formula
The importance of awareness of lymphatic drainage and the health of our skin is invaluable. At ono estetika, we rely on innovative treatments such as the Lymphactiv Facial, developed in collaboration with the renowned Zurich cosmetics brand Iräye, to restore the balance and vitality of your skin.

Why is awareness of lymphatic drainage so important?
Lymphatic drainage is an essential part of our body system that helps to remove toxins, strengthen the immune system and improve circulation. An efficient lymphatic system is crucial for the health and radiant appearance of our skin. Awareness of the importance of lymphatic drainage enables us to take targeted measures to promote skin health and maintain a youthful appearance.

The Lymphactiv Facial with the patented Lymphactic formula from Iräye
The Lymphactiv Facial combines the proven technique of manual lymphatic drainage with the innovative Lymphactic formula from Iräye. This specially developed formula contains highly effective ingredients that stimulate lymph circulation, reduce puffiness and improve skin texture. The gentle massage and targeted application of the Lymphactic formula revitalizes, firms and brightens the skin.

Experience the transformative effect of the Lymphactiv Facial and discover how you can achieve the best for your skin with ONO Estetika and Iräye's patented Lymphactic formula. Make an appointment today for an individual consultation and treatment.

Duration of treatment

60 minutes

Resumption of physical activities


Cost of treatment

From CHF 180.-

Treatment procedure

Cleansing & Exfoliation 10 minutes
Lymphatic drainage: face, neck, décolleté 40 minutes
Mask 10 minutes