IMCAS 2024: ono estetika®️ at the forefront of medical aesthetics


In the medical field, keeping abreast of the latest trends is crucial, especially in sectors such as medicine and cosmetic surgery. Among the must-attend events, the IMCAS international congress in Paris stands out, bringing together renowned partners such as Teoxane®, Allergan®, Relife® and Croma®. These leading companies were on hand to unveil new products and services that will further enhance the range of medical and surgical aesthetic services on offer.

At the heart of the Swiss aesthetics industry, ono estetika® played an active role in this prestigious event. Our key partners enriched our professional network, opening doors to fruitful collaborations. IMCAS offered a unique platform to explore the latest technological advances, allowing our team to dive into the dynamic world of medical aesthetics. Meeting with renowned experts was an exceptional opportunity to exchange ideas and deepen our knowledge. These strategic alliances strengthen our position as a leader in the field of medical aesthetics.

In conclusion, the ono estetika® team’s participation at IMCAS was more than just a presence at a congress; it was an immersion in the future of aesthetic medicine and surgery. Technological advances, strategic partnerships and a commitment to innovation make our team a major player, ready to offer exceptional aesthetic services aligned with the industry’s most demanding requirements.

At ono estetilka®, our specialists are doctors and surgeons renowned for their expertise. Following the successful development of ono estetika® in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, the ONO Group decided to expand into the French-speaking cantons.

You can be seen by our eye surgery specialist Dr. Schapiro. Ophthalmic surgeon in Vésenaz. He will suggest all the treatments needed to improve the aesthetics of your eyes.

In Valais, Dr Balagué, a Swiss physician and aesthetic surgeon, will be delighted to welcome you to the Sion clinic to offer treatments and aesthetic surgeries tailored to your needs.

In Lausanne, Dr Alizadeh, a Swiss physician and plastic surgeon, offers you non-invasive and minimally invasive treatments. His expertise is recognized internationally, and he is a regular fixture at international conferences, as was the case at IMCAS 2024.

In Lausanne, Dr Eltarhouni welcomes you every Friday for preventive mesotherapy treatments, peels and PRP to prevent the effects of time on your skin.

Finally, Drs Schaakxs, a Swiss plastic and aesthetic surgeon, will support the Lausanne team in the clinic’s medical and aesthetic surgeries.

The ono estetika® teams look forward to welcoming you to one of our centers in French-speaking Switzerland.

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