Join us on October 5, 2023 from 5pm at Clinique Bellerive for our very special “NAD+ Powerinfusion & Injection Rendezvous Soirée”. Dive into the world of rejuvenation and discover the latest innovations in aesthetic medicine.
During the evening, you’ll have the opportunity to benefit from no-obligation consultations with our renowned specialists.

Discover the highlights of our Rejuvenation event: gentle aesthetics in harmony with our ultimate power treatment – NAD+ Powerinfusion! Discover how this powerful combination takes your beauty to the next level and gives you a fresh, youthful appearance. Enter a world of rejuvenation and discover how NAD+ makes your natural beauty shine!

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Event details

  • 05/10/2023
  • Start: 17:00
  • End: 22:00
ono estetika Clinic Bellerive Zürich
NAD+ & Injection Rendevous